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Product Guide
DigitalTemperature and Humidity  recorder TR-71U/TR-72U
Highly Accurate  Digital Temperature and Humidity Meter DTM-550

DTM-552 is a mini-type, handheld digital hygrometer,

Using new  High-precision temperature and humidity
sensor module technology, in the liquid crystal display
screen, sampling processing data, showing the
accurate results.
  • 0 °C ~ 5C+/-3°C;   10 ~ 95% +/- 5%
  • One Year Continual
  • Use on One Set of Batteries
  • Simultaneous Monitoring of Multiple Channels of Data  
  • High Speed Data Transfer
  • Large Data Capacity: 8,000 Readings X 2 Channels
  • Adjustment Function
  • Accurate, Compact,
  • Lightweight and Affordable  
  • Easy to Read Multi-Functional Display
  • Temp:-20 °C  ~ 100 °C  
  • Humidity:0 ~ 100%RH
  • 3 1/2 Digit, Back light display
  • Use highly accurate RTD temperature sensor
  • MAX, DATA, HOLD function
  • Automatic low battery indication
  • Valox housing to withstand accidental

Large Display  Digital Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer/Hygrometer
Large Display Indoor / Outdoor Thermo Hygrometer
  • (Outdoor temperature sensor)
  • Maximum and minimum temperature and humidity memory function.
  • Daily reset of maximum and minimum
  •  records function witih internal clock.
  • Indoor temperature measuring range:
  • -10 °C to + 50 °C. (+23 °F to 122 °F)
  •  with 0.1 °C(F) resolution.
  • Outdoor temperature measuring range: -50 deg. C to +70 deg. C(-58 °
    F to 158 ° F) with 0.1 °C(F) resolution.
  • Humidity measuring range: 20~99%  with 1% resolution.
Humidity/ Temp Meter with Daul input

Digital Humidity/Temperature Meter w/Dual Input
  • 4 Digit, Triple display.
  • K-type Termocouple.
  • Reading hold °C or °F annunciators.
  • MAX, MIN. function.
  • Auto power off.
  • ΔREL function.  (DTM-321)
  • Automatic low battery indication.
  • RS-232 computer interface.
  • RS-232 cable and software for Windows( DTM-322).
Temperature Humidity data logger Web Ethernet recorder  T and D

Temperature / Humidity Data TR-71W   Web Logger (USB)
  • Recording Settings Monitor Current Readings
  • Downloading Recorded Data Graph
  • Send Warning Messages by E-mail  Main Unit Settings
  •  Wireless Lan Option Brings Flexibility & Freedom
Moisture Meter Tecpel TMM-590
  • Display: 3 LEDs and 3 1/2digit liquid crystal display (LCD).
moisture are not percent moisture content,)
  • The accuracy is +/- 2% from 8% to 28%
Digital Wood Moisture Meter  TMM-590
Digital Temperature and Humidity Meters
 Digital Temperature Humidity meter  Model: DTM-323
  • Highly stable humidity measurement +/-2.5%
  • Two temperature sensors (NTC and K-Type) & Humidity sensor together
  • Wet/Dry bulb, dew point and %RH
  • MAX/MIN/AVG/REL/HOLD function
  • Auto power off function
Digital hygro thermometer temperature humidity meters
Temperature Humidity Data logger Recorder TR-72Ui
Temperature Humidity data logger USB gauge relative RH recorder TR-77Ui
The TR-77Ui is our innovative temperature and humidity data
logger designed to measure and record in a wider range with
more precision than ever before. It reaches the high
measurement accuracy of ±2.5%RH and can measure and
record in the range of 0 to 99%RH (at temperatures from -30 to

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Digital temperature humidity meter hygro thermometer with audio alram relative
Hygro Thermometer with Audio Alarm Features ( DTM-20)
TECPEL is proudly introducing new DTM-20 Hygro Thermometer which is
a multi-functional hygrometer with the features of measuring humidity,
temperature, dew point and Hi-Low Limit audio alarm function. This unit
can be simply put on the desk or mounted on the wall for environment
Digital Temperature Humidity  meter handheld Gauge
Temperature Humidity   meter   
Prdoduct ID: DTM-320
Humidity/Temperature  Meter   Model: DTM-320
  • Temp:-20°C ~ 60°C (-4°F ~ 140°F );
Humidity: 0 ~ 100% RH
  • 4 Digit, Triple display.
  • K-type Termocouple.
  • Reading hold °C or °F annunciators.
  • MAX, MIN. function.
  • Auto power off.
  • Automatic low battery indication.