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TR-71W   Web Temperature Data Logger (USB)
TR-72W   Web Temperature / Humidity Data Logger (USB)

These models are discontinued and replaced by TR-71nw and TR-72nw


  • About the TR-7W Series Web Viewer
  • View Reading on a Cell phone
  • Recording Settings Monitor Current Readings
  • Downloading Recorded Data Graph
  • Send Warning Messages by E-mail  Main Unit Settings
  •  Wireless Lan Option Brings Flexibility & Freedom

About the TR-7W Series Web Viewer

With the TR-7W Series Web Viewer you can not only use a browser to manage recording start and the
downloading of recorded data, but can carry out various operations.

Recording Settings

By setting the recording interval, the recording start time and the recording mode, recording will begin at
the set date and time.

Downloading Recorded Data

It is possible to download recorded data from the TR-7W via a browser and create files.

Send Warning Messages by E-mail

Send E-mail warnings to up to 5 addresses when set temperature or humidity limits are exceeded.

View Readings on a Cell Phone

Current temperature and humidity readings can be viewed with a cell phone web browser.

Monitor Current Readings

The current readings measured every 30 seconds in the TR-7W can be displayed. It is also possible to
view via a cell phone browser.


Measurements taken by the TR-7W loggers can be shown in graph form which updates every 5 minutes
and can show up to 1 week's worth of data.

Main Unit Settings

Clock and Calendar Settings, Button settings, Channel Name Settings, Worning Mail Transmission Test,
Forced Cancellation of Communication, Restarting the System.

Wireless LAN Option Brings Flexibility&Freedom

By simply inserting a CF type 802.11b Wireless LAN Adapter Card in the option slot the TR-7W can be
easily integrated into a wireless LAN, eliminatig the need for troublesome cables and wireing.

Application Examples

Standard Kit for TR-71W/72W
AC Adaptor   (AD-0605 or AD-0606) Lithium Battery
(Coin type) LAN Cable
(LN-20W):2m Software CD Manual(Warranty)

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TR-71W Temperature Data Logger (USB)
TR-72W  Temperature / Humidity Data Logger (USB)

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TEL: 886-2-27375866
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Temperature Data Logger
Model: TR-71W
Temperature / Humidity Data Logger
Model: TR-72W