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Digital Sound Level Meters/ Sound Level noise calibrator
Product Guide
Sound Level Meter DSL-330

  • Frequency Weighting: A, C
  • 4-Digit Display with updated cycle 0.5s
  • 0.1dB resolution
  • Max /Min  Hold Function
  • The standard Fast and Slow Time weightings  
  • AC/DC signal output  

Sound Level  meter Datalogger Model:  DSL-331
Sound level meter with self calibration feature
Model: DSL-332 Sound Level Calibrator
  • 35 ~ 130dB Range  
  • 0.1dB Resolution
  • +/- 1.5 dB Accuracy
  • A/C weighting  
  • Fast/Slow Response  
  • Max Hold Function  
  • AC/DC output  
  • Reset Function  
  • Calibration 94dB  
32,000 Records Data Logger  
  •  Bar graph Indication with Back Light     
  •  RS-232 Real Time Display Software for
Window 95/98/2000, Vista     
  •  Frequency Weighting: A, C
  •  4-Digit Display with updated cycle 0.5s
  •  Resolution : 0.1dB resolution
  •  Max/Min  Hold Function
Digital Sound Level Meter DSL-330
DSL-332 Sound Level Meter Digital noise meter
DSL-336 Sound Level Calibrator
Sound Level  meter Calibrator
DSL-336A sound level meter calibrator

  •  94dB and 114dB sound Calibraion at 1KHz
  • Accurate and simple to use
  • Fits 1", 1/2"   diameter microphone
Digital sound level meter data logger recorder

How to use sound level meter and calibrator?


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Sound Level Meter  DSL-330C
Commonly used in noise pollution studies for
the quantification of almost any noise, the
sound level meter measures sound pressure
level. Especially for industrial, environmental
and aircraft noise, this meter is the most
appropriate and accurate one. As a leading
Taiwanese manufactures of high quality test
and measurements, our sound level meter
performance is conformed to the international
standard, Complete with IEC-61672-1 Class 2

DSL-335  is a mini sound meter which can convert
ambient sound into electrical signals, process data
and displays results on LCD. It does not have
traditional meter issues such as meter being too
large, complex operation, and so on. DSL-335  can
constantly monitor ambient sound. It is light weight,
compact, ergonomic, and user friendly, making it a
great tool for monitoring noise levels in hotels,
conference halls, home theater, hospitals, and any
other noise sensitive environments.
DSL-333: Features
4 Digit LCD display.
Max, Min Function.
Fast & slow dynamic characteristic models.
Level Range from 30 ~ 130dB.
Resolution 0.1dB update Cycle 0.5s.
Accuracy ±1.5dB.
A & C Frequency Weightings.
AC/DC Signal output.
Low Battery Indication.
Level Range: Lo = 30 ~ 80dB; Med Range = 50 ~
100dB; Hi = 80 ~ 130dB