Light Meters_Light Meter Datalogger USB recorder
Digital light Meter DLM-530

Accurate Visible Compensation Filter f’1 is Used.
CIE (λ):f’1<2%,<3%,<5%,<8%,v(λ)Match
Cosine Response:f’2<2%
Range : From 20 to 200,000 Lux
Analog Output Standard
Valox Housing to Withstand Accidental Drops
Digital and Analog Output Function
Highly accurate f’1 Compensation and Diffuser f’2<2%
MAX/Data Hold Function
Backlit LCD Display
Digital Light Meter (Lux / Footcandle)  DLM-531
Datalogging Light Meter DLM-536
  • CIE (λ):f’1<2%,<3%,<5%,<8%,v(λ)Match
  • Cosine Response:f’2<2%
  • Range : 20 Lux,200 lux, 2000 lux, 20,000 Lux ;
  • 20fc, 200fc, 2000fc, 20,000fc
  • Analog Output Standard (output impedance 500 ohm)
  • Valox Housing to Withstand Accidental Drops
  • Digital and Analog Output Function
  • Highly accurate f’1 Compensation and Diffuser f’2<2%
  • Peak Data Hold Function
  • Backlit LCD Display
  • High Accuracy : ±3%rdg+10dgts
  • 3 1/2 digit LCD display with a maximum reading of 1999
  • Automatic Zero

Datalogging Light Meter DLM-536

  • Datalogging Light Meter (RS-232)
  • Spectrum of photo sensor meets C.I.E.
  • photopic curve V(l)
  • 16000 Records Data logging capacity
  • RS-232 interface (software included)
  • Measurement of luminous intensity
  • (PC Software)
Digital Light Meter DLM-530
Digital Light Meter DLM-531
Light meter data logger recorder data logging gauge handheld
UVA Light Meter  UVA-830

Digital UVA Light Meter
Product ID:  UVA-830
1.999 mW /cm2
19.99 mW /cm2
_With MAX/DATA HOLD function
_With pocket hook
_Ultra-violet irradiance measurement for
_UV detector spectrum from 320nm to
UV Light data logger recorder Temperature humidity data logging
Light Meter Data logger TandD
Data logging UV light recorder
Model : TandD TR-74Ui

The "TR-74Ui Illuminance UV Recorder" is a
simultaneously measure and record four
items: Illuminance, Ultraviolet Light (UV),
Temperature and Humidity. In addition to
these, the TR-74Ui is also capable of
displaying Cumulative Illuminance and
Cumulative Amount of Ultraviolet Light in the
LCD display. From dim moonlight to the
summer sun, Illuminance can be measured
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Product ID: DLM-533

Digital LUX / footcandle Handheld Mini Light meter
(Illuminator) Model: DLM-533

DLM-533 is a handheld mini-illuminometer, the
machine uses the use of photoelectric sensing
technology and special operation to amplify the chip
circuit design, and the use of special filtering, etc.,
can effectively convert the light into electrical signals ,
And then through the microprocessing chip for data
processing, LCD digital display of its measurement
results. It can be widely used in lighting, animal
husbandry, mining, laboratories, offices, agriculture,
meteorology, environmental protection, sports,
factories, schools, and so on. It can be used in
real-time detection of environmental illumination.
Public places and other areas.