Tecpel New products
Calibrators for Temperature Sound Level meter process
Clamp Meters
Clamp Transmitter Transducer Adapter
Electrice meter Insulation tester Earth Resistance Tester
Data logger for thermometer, temperature meter, Humidity meter, sound level meters
Function Generator  Signal generatore Arbithration function generator
Lcr meter handheld GWINSTEK 100KHz
EMF tester Gauss meter
Infrared Thermometer Gun Non contact High Temperature Food Cooking
LIght meter data logger  Data logging Digital
Oscilloscope differential probe high voltage probe
DC linear Power Supply GPIB programmable
Digital Handheld pH meter Electrode ORP meter TDS
Sound Level meter programmalbe data logging digital
Tachometer non contact Stroboscope
Thermo hygro meter Temperature Humidity meters
Thermometer diigtal handheld high temperature thermocouple food cooking
Test leads for test and measuringmeter Equipment
Thermocouples for food cooking  Type K temperature meters
Thickness Gauge for car painting
Digital Tachometer Contact  Non Contact

Digital Tachometer Model RM-1500/ RM-1501

Battery operated Non-Contact and Contact
RPM measurement
ideal for engines,flywheels, pumps, elevators,
gears, and fans
DT-2236 Digital Photo/Contact Tachometer
DT-2236 Features:
optical measurement with reflecting tape stripe
contact measurement with conical adaptor
contact speed measurement with surface wheel
ABS- plastic housing
5-digit LCD-display (turns automatically to the
of measuring mode)
min- max- peak- hold
DT-2239A Digital stroboscope

The digital stroboscope measures the
speed by simply
aiming the beam to the object, adjusting
and synchronizing
the flash rate such that a still picture is
seen. The xenon lamp
is very bright to allow room light
operation at long distance.
Ideal for checking rotating fan, motor,
pump, conveyer and
robot. Used widely in auto and fan
maintenance, production,
packaging and laboratory
Digital Stroboscope
Digital Photo/Contact Tachometer
Digital Tachometer - Non Contact and Contact type
Digital Stroboscope