Product ID: AL-01 & TL-01 / TL-02

Test Leads for Multimeters

Ordering Information:

AL-01 Alligator
TL-01 Test Lead
TL-02 Test Lead
TL-03 Fused Test lead
LS-08 Lead set
LS-12 Lead Set

Minimum Order: Negotiable
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FAX: 886-2-27373343
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Safety Test Leads AL-01 and TL-01

1. Tested to IEC 1010-1,CAT III
1,000V, 10A
2. The alligator clips (AL-01) are
designed to
screw onto the test leads (TL-01) for
safety operation

Certificate: CE (AL-01/TL-01) only.
Alligator Clips AL-01
and Test Leads TL-01

1. Double Insulated, CAT.III 1,000V
10A Test leads with right angle , 4mm
2. Lead length 96 cm , Total 110 cm

Product ID: LS-08 / LS-12
Test Lead Set

1. Including Alligator AL-01 2 pcs,
TL-1053 2 pcs, TL-1055 2 pcs ,
TL-1056 2 pcs Total 8 pcs
2. Tested to meet IEC 1010-1
3. Double insulation
3. CAT.III 1,000V 10A
4. CE approved

Product ID: AL-03_TL-03
Safety Aligator Clip AL-03_ Fused
Test Leads TL-03

Wide grip crocodile clips with integral
finger guard, large 35mm high
tension spring mouth. Double insulated
silicone wire 1M. Safety straight
input plug, comply with IEC 1010,
1000V, CAT III.
Fused Test Leads TL-03
silicone wire 1M, safety straight input plug.
Comply with IEC 1010,
1000V, CAT III.
Able to replace fuse whenever you need.