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K type Thermocouples temperature measurement used on type K thermometer

Bead probe thermocuple Model:TPK-01

-50°C ~ 200°C/-58°F ~392°F, for measuring of air , liquid

temperatures. 4ft. wire with an industry standard miniature

connector plug.

Tiny thermocuple wire for measuring temperature only 40G

Tiny Hair Bead Probe TPK-01-40G

  -50°C ~ 180°C/-58°F ~356°F,  wire diameter 40 gauge  for measuring of air temperatures. 4ft. wire with an industry standard miniature   connector plug.

Best suitable for measuring SMD component temperature and tiny components.  As tiny as a hair thikness

T type  thermcouple wire for T type thermometer

T type Thermocouple Model :TPT-01-40G

 Measurement:-50 ~ 180/-58 ~356℉ ,

Dimension: 40 Gauge 100 cm length.

Best for SMD surface mounted device or tiny substance but limited for type T thermometer only.

Thermocouple for High temperature probe, Thermocouple for High Temperature ( TPK-01H-24)


Thermocouple for High Temperature ( TPK-01H-24)


Thin Leaf thermocouple for measuring surface temperature

Thin leaf type Surface Thermocouple Model: TPK-02A


Surface leaf temperature measurement TPK-02B

Thin leaf Surface thermocouple : TPK-02B


  • -50 ~ 300, Flat leaf Thickness:0.1mm, Width:2.0mm Length :84m

    • Cable Length 930 mm  Japanese material straight cable , Flat head type

TPK-03 Immersion type thermocouple for water liquid temperature measurement.

Immersion type round head thermocouple  Model: Tpk-03

  • Measurement range:-50℃ ~ 800℃/-58℉ ~1472℉

    Stainless pipe approx. 20 cm, Handle Approx. 10 cm lenght, Suitable for

    measuring water, liquid, oil or semi solid material temperature measurement.

    Immersion type round head (standard). Welcome special order for Sharp or Pin head.

    - Use industrial standard miniture connector plug.

    - Extensionalbe curl cable straighed up to 170 cm  

Bead Probe TPK-03XP  Temperature measurement stick immmersion type


Sharp immersion pipe thermocouple Model :TPK-03 XP


  -50°C ~ 800°C/-58°F ~1,472 °F, for measuring temperature of liquids, semi-solid such as oils, rubbers, plastics, powder, clays, meats, furits, forzen foostuffs. * With an industry standard miniature K type Omega connector plug.

Material: Stainless Sheath pipe with sharp needle head.  * measuable temperature: up to 800°C (10 Sec)



Thermocouple Leaflet download.