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Electric and Electronic Testers

Multi-function calibrator

Clamp Meters
3 1/2  1000A AC Amp+ 2000M Ohm DCM-2600,
3 3/4 1000A  AC/DC +True R.M.S. DCM-2606
3 1/2 1000A AC/DC Amp+ Frequency DCM-2605
1500A AC/ 2000A DC + Bar Graph DCM-2608
3 1/2 digit AC  300Amp +Frequency (DCM 036)
3 3/4 digit  Autoranging +Bargraph (DCM-037)
AC/ DC 200A  with 10mA high Resolution DCM 039
AC Leakage Clamp Meter (DCM-040)
Power Meter (DPM 035 )
3 1/2 Low cost AC clamp meter (DCM-032)
3999 Counts AC/DC Clamp Meter (DCM-033)
1000A AC power Clamp meter (DPM-041)

Current Transducer (Clamp Adapter)
AC/DC 600A  CA600
AC/DC  1000A     CA-1000D
AC/ DC mA    (CA-60)

Electric Testers
Earth Resistance Tester ERT-580
Digital Insulation Tester (DIM 571)
Digital Insulation Tester (DIM 572) Phase Sequence
Indicator (PHS 863)
Megohm/Insulation Meter (DIM 570 )
Digital Loop impedance PSC tester (LP-2811)
Personal Safety Voltage Detector (SVD-588)
Cable Tracer (Tone Generator / Amplifier probe)

LCR Meters/ Precision Instruments
LCR Precision Instruments (LCR200)
Precision LCR Tester (LCR 819)
LCR Meter, LCR Test Lead (LCR-610, TL-06)
20000 Counts Hand Held LCR Meter
Dual Display Auto-Ranging (LCR-612 )

Function Generators
15MHz Function Generator (FG15)
3 MHz Function Generator with 60MHz Counter (FG32 )

8MHz Oscilloscope OS-81B
Automotive Multimeter (DMM-168)
3 3/4 Modern Digital Multimeter  with RS-232C
3 3/4 Modern DMM + Temperature  DMM-8060
3 1/2 Palm Size DMM+ TemperaturePalm Size
Palm Size AutoRanging DMM (DMM 135)
3 3/4 Heavy Duty  Multimeter (DMM 8020)
3 1/2 Heavy Duty + Capacitance+ Inductance
4 1/2 AC T.RMS. DMM-8050)
Low Cost 3 1/2 digit  DMM-120
Low Cost  31/2 DMM+ Capacitance DMM-123
Low Cost  3 1/2 DMM + Temperature DMM-124
Low cost  3200 Count +Auto ranging DMM-125
Compact 3 3/4 DMM + 20A  Fused DMM-129A

20MHz Dual Trace Oscilloscope (GOS-620)
60MHz, 100MHz, 250MHz Oscilloscope Probes (LF-190E
, LF-210E , LF-250)
8MHz Handheld Oscilloscope OS-81B
Handheld Oscilloscope 2 CH 20MHz OS-1022

Power Supplies
Linear D.C. Power Supplies (TPT-3025)
GPIB Programmable DC Linear Power Supply (PPS
RS-232 Programmable DC Linear Power Supply

High Voltage Probe DC 50MHz  HVP-15HF DC 40KV  
Probe HV-40
Differential Probe HP-25 HP-100
60MHz, 100MHz, 250MHz Oscilloscope Probes
(LF-190E , LF-210E , LF-250)

Test leads  
Safety Test Lead and Alligator TL-01
Test Lead Set LS-08   LS-12
Safety Alligator Clip and Fused Test Lead AL-03

Environmental Testers

Anemometer/Hot wire Anemometer

Anemometer (AVM-715)
Anemometer (AVM-712)
Anemometer (AVM-702 )

Temperature Calibrator (CL 327 )
Dual Temperature Calibrator and Thermometer (  CL-
326 )
Multifunction Calibrator  CL-325
Sound Level Calibrator DSL-336

EMF Field Tester /Gauss Meter
EMF Tester (EMF 701)
EMF Tester  (EMF-701A)

Infrared Thermometer
Gun Type with laser mark -30 C to 550 °C(DIT513 / DIT
Stick Type : -20 to 260  °C  Fixed Emissivity (DIT-510)
Stick Type :-30 C to 550 °C , -22  to 1022 °F,  E: (ε):0.1
to 1.0 (DIT-512)
Tiny Infrared Thermometer as small as a watch  (DIT-

Light Meter
Datalogging Light Meter (DLM- 536 )
Digital Lightmeter Lux  ( DLM- 530)
Digital Light Meter Lux/Footcanle (DLM -531
UV Meter (UVA-830)   

Manometer PM-730

Moisture Meter
Moisture Meter (TECPEL 590 )

pH meters/ Electrodes
Pen type pH Meter (pH -703 )
Water Resistant +2 points (pH-704)
Hand Held pH meter ( pH-705)
pH meter  (pH-706 )
Soil pH and moisture meter (pH-707)
PC based pH meter (pH-870)
Pen Type pH meter (pH-709)

Salty Meter( SM-850)

Sound Level Meters
Sound Level Meter (DSL-330)
Sound Level Meter (DSL-332 )
Sound Level Calibrator DSL-336
Programmable Sound Level Datalogger (DSL 331 )

Temperature Meter
Pocket Thermoemter DTM-800
Single Input Digital Thermometers DTM-305)
Thermometer with backlit DTM-305C
Dual Input Digita Thermometer  DTM-307
Single Input temperature meter  (DTM-305B)
Dual Input temperature meter ( DTM-307B)
Single input with RS-232  temperature meterDTM -315
Dual Input with RS-232 temperature meter DTM 316
Stem Temperature  meter DTM-3101
Stem temperature meter DTM-3102
Pocket Temperature meter (DTM-3103)

Temperature Dataloggers
Single Input Datalogger DTM-317
Dual Input Datalogger DTM-318
4-Input Thermometer Datalogger (DTM 319)
Therrmo Recorder (TR-71U)
Thermo Recorder TR-51A / TR-52
Web Temperature Recorder TR-71W
Temperature datalogger DTM-507

Temperature and Humidity Meter W/Datalogger
Temperature/Humidity/Light/UV Light data Logger TR-
Temperature and Humidity Recorder (TR-72U)
Web  Temperature and Humidity Recorder TR-72W
Highly Accurate Hygrometer (DTM 550 )
Large Display Thermo /Hygrometer (DTM-301
Dual Display Thermo /Hygrometer   (DTM-303)
Temperature and Humidity Meter (DTM-321, DTM-322)
Temperautre and Humidity Meter, Dew Point (DTM-323)

Temperature transmitter TRH-301
Humidity transmitter TRH-302
Temperature /humidity Transmitter TRH-303

RM-1500/ 1501/ 1502 with RS-322
Contact /No Contact DT-2236
Stroboscope DT-2239

Immersion Probe/ Surface Probe/ Roller probe/

Thickness Gauge (Coating)

Voltage Recorder
VR-71   4~ 20mA    +/- 15V

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