pH  Meters/ Salty Meter (Salinity Meter)    for water treatment   
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Product Guide
Professional  pH/mV/Temperature Meter pH-705

pH/mV/Temperature Meter   pH-706

pH meter Features:
Product ID: pH-703
  • High quality, light weight and compact design
  • Measure water pH fast and easily in many fields
  • such as swimming pools, aquariums, cooling
    towers, water and wastewater treatments,
    sanitation plants and laboratory applications.
  • High resolution 0.01pH  
  • high accuracy +/- 0.02pH
  • Comes complete with protective carry case and
    standard pH7 buffer solution

  • 3 1/2 Digit , Large LCD Display, Max Display 1999
  • Measuring Range: pH 0.01~14.00 PH
  • Temperature: 0.1 C~ 65 C ,Millivolt: 1mV  1999m
  • Accuracy: pH Value ±0.01PH
  • Temperature: ±0.8 °C , Millivolt : ±0.5%
  • Dual Display,Reading Hold Function
  • Manual/ Automatic Temperature Compensation
  • Auto Power Off, RS-232 Interface....and etc.
  • Feature:
  • 1. Microprocessor based with splash proof housing.
  • 2. Simultaneous display pH and Temperature.
  • 3. Automatic or manual temperature compensation.
  •  °C / F  switchable
  • 4. Simple to calibrate by one keyboard for 3 points   
  • 5. Calibration value can be adjusted as needed.
  • 6. Indicate percentage of slope (PTS) after calibration.
  • 7. Low battery and consumption indicator.
  • 8. Auto shut off after 10 minutes of non use.
  • 9. Rubber protective holster with magnetic.
Digital handheld pH meter Tecpel pH-703
Digital handheld pH meter Tecpel ph-705
handhel maganetic Digital pH meter Tecpel pH-706
Economic pH meter  Model: pH-871  High
Accuracy Pen-type pH Meter

Slim pen-style design has handy belt clip
Easy to handle and simple to store
Easy-to-read LCD displays clear reading in
seconds Technical Specification
Soil pH and moisture meter Tecpel tester PH-707

pH-707 Soil pH and Moisture Tester
A fast, economical, and easy-to-use way to gauge
the moisture and pH levels of your soil.
Time saving, low cost/
Handy and always ready for use.
precision meter used, extremely durable
No power source needed, no chemicals
Economical to handle, no maintenance problems.
Electrodes for pH meter tester water meter
pH Electrode ORP Electrode ( PE-148 PE-148N
PE-149G ORP-148G)
A wide variety of Tecpel pH electrodes in the result of continuing
Research and Development in this technology.

The pH sensitive glass membrance of electrodes has extremely
low alkaline error and low electrical resistance thus ensuring fas
and accurate response. We can supply these electrodes for pH
range of 0 14 and for temprature range of 0~  0 ~ 80 °C  and 0~
100 C.

Electrode are available in Gel, KCl filled versions and are
supplied with 1 meter long cable and BNC plug. Longer cable
lengths can be supplied at an extra cost. These electrodes can
be supplied with almost all makes of int'l and domestic pH
pH/mV/Temperature meter Model: PH-870 ( PH-870)
  • Hand-Held lightweight design
  • Dual display pH(mV) & Temperature
  • pH (pH4, pH7, pH10) and Temp.(25 C and 70 C)
  • calibration for highly accuracy
  • HOLD, MAX, MIN, MAX-MIN, AVG functions
  • Temperature compensation:
  • Auto(0 C to 80C)/manual(0 C to 100 C)
user selectable
  • RS232 Interface with Windows Software
  • Suitable for ion selective with “mV” range
  • 3 1/2 digital 2000 counts
  • Low battery indication
  • CE-Mark approval
Micro Processor Base Salinity Meter ( SM-850)
Model SM-850 Features:
_Portability and simplicity one-hand operation
_Dual display Salinity and Temperature
_Automatic Temperature Compensation
_Average calculation, interval measuring,
_Use highly accurate NTC temperature sensor
_Auto power off function
_CE-Mark approval  

pH meter Waterproof pH-709    Feature:

1. Microprocessor based for fast and accurate
2. Special viewing angle designed of waterproof housing
IP 67 rated.
3. Large LCD display pH or Conductivity and
Temperature Simultaneously.
4. Simple to calibrate by one keyboard and automatic
temperature compensation.
5. Multi-functions with Data-hold, Max/Min and shows
PTS after calibration.
6. Low battery and consumption indicator. Auto power
shut off after 10 minutes of non use.
7. Easy to replace electrode module and the type of
electrode would be recognized automatically and shown
in display during insertion.
Digital handhel pH tester water proof meter Tecpel pH-709
Digital pH meter pen type Tecpel pH-871
Digital handheld pH meter Tecpel pH-873 temperature meter
With 3 1/2 liquid crystal digits display, the meter is
stable, portable, and convenient to operate, field
Temperature compensation(ATC) and temperature
display for easy operaiton.
Salinity Meter Micro processor base Tecpel SM-850
Digital pH meter handheld micro processor base pH/mV Temperature meter Tecpel ph-870


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Fax: 886-2-2737-3343
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Product ID: Tecpel pH-708

Model : PH-708
* Professional PH/mV METER.
PH range : 0 to 14 PH x 0.01 PH.
mV range : -1999 mV to 1999 mV.
* Used the optional ORP probe to
become a professional ORP meter.
*Wide manual temperature
compensation adjustment can be
operated by push button on
the front panel easily.
* Calibration for pH 7, pH 4 and
pH 10 by push button.
* Temperature compensation of pH
function can be done by optional
ATC (Automatic Temperature
Compensation) probe.
* Auto shut off saves battery life.