Product ID:  SVD-588

Personal Safety Voltage Detector
Model: SVD-588

  • Warning Proximity of AC Voltage
  • Water Proof (sealed to Ip65)
  • Easty to wear on body, Belt, Helmet.
  • Ultra High bright LED indicaiton
  • Test and Diagnostic Circuitry.
  • Freiendly priority alert reporting.
  • Circuit Test Funciton.
  • Hight impact type casing.
  • Differnt alerting sound and light.
  • removable neck belt.
  • suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Detect voltage on any systems.
  • Low battery indiation.,
  • All OK test indication.
  • Ultra low power consumption.


General Description
The SVD 588 consists of an internal pickup AC sensor plate, a test(oscillator) and diagnostic circuit,
an adjustable threshold comparator, a sound annnunicator(buzzer), a visual indicator(super high
bright LED) and a 9V battery. all enclosed into the robut " beeper" style case.
Principle of how it work
The SVD-588 detects AC voltage using its internal AC sensor plate. The AC sensor plate pick
up part of the radiated electric field in volts per meter (V/M).
The electric field is amplified and processed by the internal circuitry and once the processed signal is
above the threshold, triggers the input of a integrated circuit, which start the oscillator for the buzzer
and LED. The buzzer beeps and LED lit intermittently at a rate of 2 beeps/flash per second.
The "Self-test" diagnostic is actioned by depressing simultaneously both push button on the front
panel. The battery monitoring is always ON.

Certificate: CE

Certificate: CE

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