The Tecpel DTM-318 is a digital thermometer for use with
any Type K thermocouple as its sensor.  Temperature indication
follows National Bureau of Standards and IEC584 temperature/voltage
table for Type K thermocouples. Its internal memory can keep up to
16,312 records via using RS232 interface to perform bi-directional
communication with PC.

The model DTM-318 Digital Dual input temperature data logger
measure temperature through a  type K thermocouple  at the tip of the
sensor.  When the user presses a button, the thermocouple gives a
readout  of the temperature. This easy-to-use  thermometer measures
temperatures quickly with special features as below.

Dual Digital Thermometer Datalogger

Model : DTM-318

Features :

  • -200°C ~ 1,370°C (-328°F ~ 2,498°F )
  • Data Logging capacity 16,000 records.
  • 4 Digit LCD, Triple display.
  • Timer display button.
  • Recording interval set up.
  • Reading hold °C or °F annunciators.
  • Dual K-type thermocouple inputs.
  • MAX, MIN. function.
  • Auto Power off.
  • Hold functions.
  • Automatic low battery indication.
  • High resolution 0.1°C, 0.1°F
  • RS-232 Computer interface.
  • Software program for Windows.
  • Certificate: CE

Specifications :

Measurement Range T 1 and T2
-200 °C ~ 1,370°C (-328 °F ~ 2498 °F).


-200 °C ~ 1,370°C  
±(0.5%rdg +1 °C ) typical

-328 °F ~ 2498 °F
±(0.5%rdg +1  °F) typical

Temperature Scale:
Celsius or Fahrenheit user-selectable

1  °C or 1 °F  (-200.0 °C ~ 199.9 °C , 0.1 °C )

Dual K­type Thermocouple

Sampling rate:
2.5 times/per second

Power Requirement:
1 piece 9V battery

7.2"x2.5"x1.2" (184x64x30mm)

7.4 oz(210g)

TPK-01x 2 , delux  carrying case,
SE-300 software/ RS-232 cable
and owners manual.

Ordering Information:
DTM-318 Thermometer

Minimum Order: Negotiable
TEL: 886-2-27375866
FAX: 886-2-27373343
Download DM
Real Time Display for Windows
Temperature datalogger digital thermometer recorder Tecpel DTM-319  4-input