Where is TECPEL ?  

TECPEL is located at
Address: 11F, NO. 182, DUNHUA SOUTH ROAD, SEC. 2,

1. 10 mininutes' walk from Lio-Chung-Li MRT Station
2. Near the crosss road of DUNHUA SOUTH RD., and He-Pin
East Road.
3. 20 mininutes' walk from the world's tallest buidling the Taipei
101 skyscraper and the Taipei world trade center

How to contact TECPEL?  

You can contact TECPEL at
Phone: 886-2737-5866 # 11
Fax: 886-2-2737-3343
Web Site:
http://www.oka.com.tw or http://www.tecpel.com
E-mail: sales@tecpel.com or tecpel@seed.net.tw
Taitronix Exhibition at Taipei during October every year or
other int'l exhibitions
How to order?  

TECPEL sells product through international distributors over 30
countries. For the countries that we don't have distributors there, we
can quote you and ship goods directly.
Send us an inquiry and we assure you that our staff is made up of
professional team that will help make your
TECPEL experience a
pleasant one.
After receiving your inquiry, we will send a quotation or proforma
invoice to confirm our delviery and price within two working days.
Once it is approved by you, you can send the payment via T/T
remittacne in advance or by Master or Visa credit card. Simply fill
our the order form at
our home page. Duly sign it and send it back by fax
886-2-2737-3343. After receiving authentification from our bank, we
can send goods in a few days as per our P/I confirmation.
What is warranty period ?  

material and workmanship under normal use for a period of one year. The warranty period is
controlled by the documents furnished with each product and begins on the date of shipment.
This warranty extends only to the original buyer or end-user customer of
TECPEL and does
not apply to fuses, disposable batteries or to any product which, in
TECPEL's opinion, has
been misused, altered, neglected or damaged by accident or abnormal conditions of
operation or handling.
TECPEL's warranty obligation is limited to refund of the purchase price or replacement
of a defective product which is returned to
TECPEL within the warranty period. TECPEL
assumes no risk for damage in transit.
___3. If repair or re-adjustment is necessary and has not been the result of abuse or misuse
within the warranty period, please return freight prepaid and rectifications of the deviation will
be carried out without charge. However, if the product problems are examined due to
consumer misuse, rectifications charges will be incurred. Out of warranty products will be
charged accordingly.

How to send goods for warranty repair ?  

Before returning any instruments or goods, please contact the Customer Service Department
to obtain a Return Authorisation confirmation. To avoid processing delays, please be sure to
1. Purchasing order number and invoice number
2. Your name, address, phone no. fax no. ,e-mail addres and country.
3. Model and serial number
4. Nature of defetives.

Can TECPEL offer the traceable Calibraion certificate with testing data?  
___1. Yes, we can offer the traceable calibration cerficate with testing data before the
You can get its quote while you send us an inquiry.
___2. Our calibrators are calibrated by Electronics Testing Center,Taiwan (ETC Taiwan). For
more infromation of this organization, you can visit their web-site http://www.etc.org.tw/  

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