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Calibrators for Temperature Sound Level meter process
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Thermocouples for food cooking  Type K temperature meters
Thickness Gauge for car painting
Product Guide
15MHZ Function Generaotor
3MHz Function Generator with
60MHz Counter FG-32
FG 32 (6 Functions , 6 Ranges with counter)
Square, Ramp +/- Pulse.
  • Frequency Range 0.5Hz ~ 3MHz
  • 5 digit autorange counter LED display
  • Internal/External counter function.
  • Linear/Log sweep. Sweep rate 10mS ~ 5S.
  • External counter trigger level control.
  • VCF input 0 ~ +/- 10V
  • Voltrage control frequency to   1000
  • Amplitude : 20V p-p (open);10V p-p (50
    Ohm load).
  • easy operation.
  • TTL output up to 90 MHz.
  • Low noise signal source
  • Optional 2GHz frequency counter
  • Triangle , Square, Sine ,TTL Sync out,
    Asymmetry, Ramp up ,
  • Log waveforms and DC.
  • Duty cycle up to 15MHz for TTL ,resolution
  • Amplitude attenuation -60db  
  • WAVEFORMS Triangle ,Square,Sine ,TTL
    Sync out,
  • Asymmetry,Ramp up,Log Waveforms and
15MHz Function Generator  FG-15 FG15 Tecpel
3MHz Function Generator Digital  FG-32 FG32 Tecpel