AC/DC Current clamp meter and Transmitter ( DCM-043)

TECPEL DCM-043 a high high resolution AC/DC clamp meter. With the resolution of 1mA and span of 100A, this
current clamp transmitter is a great meter for circuit measurement or for car applications

Features of Clamp meter DCM-043

  • Analog signal output function
  • High Resolution 1mA (0.001A)
  • Pocket size
  • 4 digits display
  • Touch zero function
  • Autoranging
  • Auto power off
  • Peak hold function
  • Data hold function
  • IEC 1010 600V CAT II,300V CAT II

Specifications :

AC/DC Current Transmitter ( DCM-043)

Function range Resolution Accuracy

AC A 10A ~ 100A 1mA~10mA +/-2% Rdg+ 10 dgts
DC A 10A ~ 100A 1mA~ 10mA +/- 2.5% Rdg+ 10 dgts
AC V  600V 0.1V +/-1.5% Rdg+ 5 dgts
DC V 600V 0.1V +/- 1% Rdg + 2 dgts
Ohms 10K Ohm 1 Ohm +/-1% Rdg + 3 dgts

LCD Display: 4 digital liquid disply
Sampling Rate: 2 times/sec.
Power requirement: Battery 1.5V, Size AAA x 2
Dimensions: 202 x 50 x 29 mm
Weight: 180 g
Jaw Openning Size: 12.5 mm
Analog Output: 10 mV/Amp
Frequency Response: 20K Hz
Beeper: Active Sound Level Less than 100 Ohm

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Fax: 886-2-2737-3343
Digital Clamp-on Meter  DCM-043
Digital Clamp on meter AC/DC current