Product ID: DSL-335

Sound Level Meter

Model : DSL- 33

Features :

DSL-335  is a mini sound meter which can convert ambient sound into electrical signals,
process data and displays results on LCD. It does not have traditional meter issues such as
meter being too large, complex operation, and so on. DSL-335  can constantly monitor
ambient sound. It is light weight, compact, ergonomic, and user friendly, making it a great tool
for monitoring noise levels in hotels, conference halls, home theater, hospitals, and any other
noise sensitive environments.


Handheld mini illuminometer with stable, safe and reliable measurement.
Measuring range 30 ~ 130 dB Automatic measurement function.
The LCD screen has a backlight for easy operation.
Data retention function, maximum and minimum measurement.
Automatic shutdown, energy saving function.
Frequency response: 31.6Hz ~ 8KHz
Time Weight: Fast (FAST) 125ms and Slow (SLOW) 1s Response time can be selected.
Resolution: 0.1dB
Accuracy: ±5dB
1/2 inch microphone head
Overload display function "OL".


Functions                   Range                   Resolution            Accuracy

Noise (A Weighting)    30~130dB             0.1dB               ±1.5dB

Sampling Rate      FAST                          125ms

                             SLOW                       1000ms

Overload Indication                     OL
Data Hold

LCD Backlight                     Yes

Auto Power Off                         5min

Low Battery Indication                     3.0~3.5V

Battery                                            4.5V

Power off         

Working Environment           Temperature  0~40℃

Humidity            ≤80%RH

Storage Environment            
Temperature                              -20~60℃

Humidity            ≤75%RH

Key Functions


Short press to turn on/off the meter


Short press to switch between MAX/MIN/normal measurement state


Short press to select fast sampling (125ms) or slow sampling (1s)


Short press to enter data hold mode, long press to turn on/off backlight

Ordering Information:
5  Mini Pocket  Sound Level Meter

Minimum Order: Negotiable
TEL: 886-2-27375866
FAX: 886-2-27373343
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