AC 1000A True RMS Clamp on
Power Meter

Model: DPM-041

Power measure of Active power (KW), Reactive power
(KVAR), Apparent power (KVA), Power Factor (PF)
PF (cos O) for 3O4W, 3O3W, 1O2W, 1O3W
Triple display: KW+V+A easy to read
AC current up to 1000A, AC voltage up to 600V
INRUSH (100mS), HOLD and PEAK functions
MAX and MIN recorded functions
Auto power off (10 mins), Black-light
Dimensions of conductor: O35mm
EN61010-1 Approval. Over-Voltage Category III 1000

AC Current (True RMS)
Range: 0.0 to 600.0A, 600A to 1000A
Resolution: 0.1A/1A
Accuracy: ±(1.5%rdg+10dgts) on 50Hz to 60Hz
±(3.5%rdg+10dgts) on 45Hz to 400Hz
AC Voltage (True RMS)
Range: 0.0 to 600.0V
Resolution: 0.1V
Accuracy: ±(1%rdg+5dgts) on 20Hz to 100Hz
±(6%rdg+5dgts) on 100Hz to 400Hz
Input impedance: 1MΩ
Power Measurement Accuracy
To make sure measuring accuracy, clamp the jaw several
times to align the contact surface in place to get the optimal
measuring results before you take measurement.
Single phase or three phase load with sine wave input at
Measurement range:
Effective measurement current range: 4 to 1000A
Effective measurement current range: 80 to 600V
Power Factor (PF)
Resolution: 0.001
±(3.0%rdg + 0.02) at 1.000 > PF ?0.500
±(5.0%rdg + 0.02) at 0.500 > PF ?0.200
±(10.0%rdg + 0.02) at 0.200 > PF ?0.000
Active Power (KW)
Resolution: 0.01/0.1KW
Apparent Power (KVA)
Resolution: 0.01/0.1KVA
Reactive Power (KVAR)
Resolution: 0.01/0.1KVAR
Range: 20.0 to 400.0Hz
Resolution: 0.1Hz
Accuracy: ±(0.5%rdg + 5dgts)
Sensitivity: Voltage >5V rms
Current >5A rms on 20Hz to 100Hz
Current >10A rms on 100Hz to 400Hz

CE Approval

Ordering Information:
AC Power clamp meter
Model : DPM-041  

Minimum Order: Negotiable
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FAX: 886-2-27373343
Digital AC Power Clamp-on
Meter  DPM-041