Digital Pocket Light meter
DLM-533 Mini Digital Light meter

Product ID: DLM-533

Digital LUX / footcandle Handheld Mini Light meter (Illuminator) Model: DLM-533

DLM-533 is a handheld mini-illuminometer, the machine uses the use of photoelectric sensing
technology and special operation to amplify the chip circuit design, and the use of special filtering,
etc., can effectively convert the light into electrical signals , And then through the microprocessing chip
for data processing, LCD digital display of its measurement results. It can be widely used in lighting,
animal husbandry, mining, laboratories, offices, agriculture, meteorology, environmental protection,
sports, factories, schools, and so on. It can be used in real-time detection of environmental
illumination. Public places and other areas.


Handheld mini Light Meter


Handheld mini illuminometer with stable, safe and reliable measurement.
3 1/2 LCD digital LCD display
Wide measuring range from 0-19999 Lux / Fc.
There is a LUX / FC display
In the 9999 Lux / Fc stalls, the resolution of 1 Lux / Fc
With automatic shift function.
The LCD screen has a backlight for easy operation.
Data retention function, maximum and minimum measurement.
Automatic shutdown, energy saving function.


Range                      Resolution                           Accuracy

Luminance               0~9999Lux            1LUX        ±4%rdg+5dgts       
  ≥10000Lux                     10LUX                           ±5%rdg+8dgts

0~9999Fc                         1Fc

Bit conversion:FC=LUX/10.76

 The accuracy of FC does not need to be checked. It is calculated by the    formula. Input the same
value and convert units to check whether it conforms    to FC=LUX/10.76




Measurement Range              0~200,000               lux


Sample Rate             0~9999Fc       1Fc    0.5s

Overload Indication               OL

MAX/MIN                         MAX/MIN

Data Hold                          HOLD

LCD Backlight                           Yes

Auto Power Off                         5min

Low Battery Indication        3.0~3.5V

Battery                   4.5V

Current Consumption        working



Power off



Working Environment




Humidity            ≤80%RH

Storage Environment

Temperature             -20~60℃

Humidity                ≤75%RH

Key Functions


Short press to switch between MAX/MIN/QUIT


Short press switch between LUX/Fc


Short press to hold or release data. Long press to turn on/off backlight

Certificate: CE Approval

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DLM-531  Light meter

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Minimum Order: Negotiable
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