Product ID: DIT-501A

Infrared Thermometer

Product ID: DIT-501A Infrared Thermometer

Infrared Thermometer

  • Lowest cost on this earth
  • NIST traceable
  • Certificate of Calibration (Option)
  • IR-SoC technology
(Infrared System on Chip)
  • and Batch Calibration technology
drive the dimension and cost to
the lowest limit.
  • Emissivity Adjustable
  • Max; Min and Lock modes
  • Capable of measuring small object, even a test tube.
  • Equipped with a mini-stand, can monitor
  • temperature continuously for hours.


DIT-501A Specifications:
Characteristic: Measurement temp. range -33~220C

Operating temp. range : 32~122F (0~50C)
Storage range: -4~149F (-20~65C), 95% RH
Response time: <1.0 sec (0~90% Response)
Accuracy : 0.5C when Tobj=15~35C; Tamb=25C, 2% or 2C whichever is greater
Display type: LCD
Battery-low warning: 1/4 battery life remained
Emissivity: Adjustable; Default at 0.95
Scale selection: Fahrenheit / Celsius available
Sensor type: Thermopile
Power source: CR2032 *1 unit
Auto power off: After 15 sec (+/-20%) of idleness
D:S Ratio: 1 : 1
Dimension: 2.67 x 1.45 x 0.71inch(67.8 x 36.7 x 18 mm)
Weight (without battery): 0.88 oz (25g)
DIT-501A wide applications:
This is a product positioned for general-use to get the temperature for many applications
For very short period of time after the product launched, we have got many positive
from the market. This is the reason why I would like to recommend this product to you.

DIT-501A product is positioned to bring you the following values:
- To expand your existing product portfolio in non-contact infrared thermometer;
- To address the low-cost market for big sales volume in general use segment;
- To commit a complete product line through continuous product development.

Certificate: CE

DIT-501A as small as your wrist watch

For Household , Electric Applications temperature -33~220C

Ordering information:

Minimum Order: Negotiable
TEL: 886-2-27375866
FAX: 886-2-27373343

For Automotive, Electric Appliance, Air Conditioner, Food Service, Home service and
energy saving etc.

Ordering information:
Infrared Thermometer

Minimum Order: Negotiable


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DIT 501A
Non Contact IR Thermometer
Infrared Thermometer
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