Mini type wind temperature Air speed Anemometer
AVM-713 Mini type Anemometer

Product ID: AVM-713

AVM-713 anemometer is a mini wind speed and wind temperature tester. This light weight device with
the latest magnetic sensor technology, can directly display the liquid crystal display on the air velocity.
It is the perfect tool for sporting events, wind measurement, navigation, HVAC and other fields.

  • 12 wind speed bar dynamic display, so you at a glance.
  • Wind speed at the same time display function.
  • Five units m / s, ft / m, mph, Km / h, Knots switch display.
  • Maximum value, average display mode.
  • Small and exquisite, easy to carry.
  • White backlit, automatic shutdown.

  • Instant Display of the air Velocity and temperature
  • Maximum , Minimum and average Value Calculation
  • Easy Air flow Volume calculation (CMF/CMM)
  • 10 Memories Data Storage/Recalling/Clearing
  • Data HOLD/TEST function
  • Low Battery Indication
  • One Hour Auto Shut off function

Ordering Information:
AVM-713   Mini Pocket Anemometer

Minimum Order: Negotiable
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Mini pocket anemometer with temperature measurement